Ockert Greeff’s poetry video series employs the most basic filming techniques—typically hand-held mobile phone and single shots—to create a dialogue with the stripped-down rhythmic poems.

Ockert Greeff, a South African Canadian drummer, uses drums and words to create rhythmic poems, relying on some of the earliest oral and musical traditions – drumming, storytelling, chanting and rhymes. Born in Namibia and raised in a small town in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, he earned his BA Hons. in Afrikaans Literature before settling in Johannesburg where he was the co-founder and drummer of the Afrikaans cult band Die Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes. In Montreal, Canada, he has recorded with underground bands such as Light Bulb Alley, Sawtooth and Death Drive. His solo poetry and drumming work has appeared in Ons Klyntji and has been shown at various poetry film festivals, including the Raleigh Film & Art Festival and the Small File Media Festival (Simon Fraser University).