Memorias de una Geisha

Renata Duran Grüninger is an exquisite dancer who has dedicated her life to the development of dance. Renata began her dance career at the age of five and completed her education at Centro de Educación Física Orthos in Barcelona, Iwanson Dance Center in München, Escuela de Danza Anna Maleras, and in courses with the most renowned dancers and choreographers in Spain, including her maestro, Máximo Hita. With specialties in modern, jazz, and contemporary and training in West African forms and ballet, Renata is a professor of dance and pilates at Estudio de Danza Tutuguri, Centro El Taller, and Casal de la Dona and has been an invited professor throughout Spain, Germany, and Brasil. She has danced with Cia. Roberto G. Alonso, Cia. Experiència Caracol·la, Company Mucab Dance, and Cia. Lake Angela.