PV 7: Spring 2023

Esther Alimson is a writer and artist who has happily taught the young and old over the years. She enjoys creating multimaterial works using photography, fabric, paper, buttons, hair, sand, and any other innocent ingredient within her grasp to bring her designs to life. She is passionate about art that feeds the eyes, satisfies the sense of touch, and warms the soul. Esther has had work published in several places and currently teaches English, Fashion Illustration, and Mixed Media Designs.

Pau Aran Gimeno – Water and Stones

William Hayward – Ocean!£%Day

Olaf Dammann – Sechs Gedichte

O.P.Jha – Now We’ve Maps

Dakota William Szaniszlo – A Short Story in 2nd Person

Brad Rose – Win or Lose

Jake Zawlacki – Jacques Derrida’s Response When Asked, “Do You Like Eggs?”

Benjamin Henry DeVries – The Angel of Shelter

Brett Biebel – El Bético autentico

Laia Sales Merino – Cinc poemes / Cinco poemas / Five poems

Kenny Marotta – On the Retreat

Prosper Aluu – Me, my people and my culture

Sara Mina Osman – Proper Egyptian Girls Don’t Bellydance

Erin Jamieson – Lemonade

Jefferey Spivey – Remnants

Oliver C. Seneca – All This Marching Time

Noor Us Sabah – The Panacean Dream

Marc Puente – Dos poemas / Dos poemes

Ivan de Monbrison – From Father to Son

Sara Kelly – Animal Song

Neil Rhind – Watching the Wolves

Alex Skousen – Johann Gets the Gift of Charity

Karen Rigby – Dos poemas

Joseph Byrd – Flower Wars

Ivars Balkits – Stones in Order

Antonietta Bocci – Two Poems

Adrianna Gordey – Invisible Ancestors

Olga Nenazhivina – Time Machine

Rollin Jewett – Two Photographs

Sandy Beach – Gravid Angels

Andrew Furst – Two Photographs

David Stromberg – Fuck Putin

Mykyta Ryzhykh – Two Songs and Two Stories

Ace Boggess – How Do I Know You Wouldn’t Stab Me?

Oisín Breen – What the Fire Talks

Ockert Greeff – Cling

Henry Cherry – Take Me Somewhere Nice

Christopher Woods – A Seat in the Corner

Bradley Somer – The Best Disaster Ever!