More masculine

The bakers are stacking huge logs of bread in the foothills.
Blades of knives, axes, cleavers, scissors flashed everywhere.
The starving crowd storms the square with a guttural rumbling.
I add nothing more.
I run over the edge of immoderation.
I deodorize your craving for the disgusting with roses, poses, views.

The didactic vein in me haunts my brain.

And here, honey, the smell of roasted chestnuts.
Dressed peasants having fun.
Cheap paintings. Their price is zero. A penny.
A solid bunch of wretched superstitions in oil on canvas.
Describe the shape of the crimson spot in your crotch. I make you describe it.

A gray-haired fortune-teller with hair braided, sticks a map in your mouth.

Curiosity has brought you here. All the dirtiest you want.
A sweetened infusion served to you by a boy whose left eye resembles a quail's egg.

My malachite green shawl falls.
I stand in front of you completely naked.
Now purity begins. Makeup drips and exposes the face.
White, white, white.
And red lipstick on the rough lip of the mountain.

Anna Idelevich is a scientist by profession, Ph.D., MBA, trained in the neuroscience field at Harvard University. She writes poetry for pleasure. Her books and poetry collections include DNA of the Reversed River and Cryptopathos published by the Liberty Publishing House, NY. Anna’s poems were published by BlazeVOX, Louisville Review, Salmon Creek Journal, Bourgeon Magazine, In Parenthesis, O:J&A, and Gyroscope Review, among others. We hope you will enjoy their melody, new linguistic tone, and a slight tint of an accent.