Da Toilet Seat

Ho, wen I wuz wun small kid,
my maddah use to geev me dirty lickens.
She used to go all nutz kine…
yardstick n erryting—
especially wen I neva put da seat down afta using da bachroom.
Reminds me of dis wun time ah,
it wuz in da middle of da night n I had fo’ pee real bad, 
like real bad bu, so I jes wen pee in da bachroom
wit da lights off n I neva care fo’ put da seat back down.
In fak, I wen small kine miss—
so my faddah wen slip wen he went fo’ shave da next morning.
Brah he wuz pissed.
Wen my maddah found out…
her and my faddah wen go all
hammahjang on me n bus out da whole arsenal of weapons.
We talkin’ dish towel,
rubbah slippahz,
back scratcha,
da wooden n wire hangah…
So now I alwayz remembah fo’ lif da seat…

Jordan Luz is originally from Waipahu and is a PhD candidate in the English Department with a focus on Asian American literature and Critical Race Theory at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. He currently teaches First-Year Writing classes at UHM. He is also the Chief Managing Editor for The DG Sentinel. He has only recently begun testing his hand at creative writing in Hawaiian Creole English (Hawaiian Pidgin) and hopes to share his experiences with others who have grown up in Hawai’i.