PV 2: Summer 2020

Jésica Cichero – Batalla de lenguas © 2020

El Petit de Cal Eril – Close to Me

S. T. Brant – Our Mythic Start

Silvia Cuello – Wonderland

Cassie Premo Steele – Everything Has a Quest

Elle León – The Spring in Your Step

Sara Ries – Correcting Writing at the Casa de la Cultura

SK Brownell – Lehrerin

Hernán Franzese – Un día de esos

Jack Bordnick – Face It

Uno Lady – Venn Diagram

M Zaman – Three Poems of Love

Hans Raimund – Drei Gedichte

Hand in the Attic – Two Songs

Shani Naylor – The Lament of Maria Bárbola

Melinda Freudenberger – 14

John Leonard – Alone With St. Joseph

Jeremy Gregersen – Sistine Notebooks: Elisha Cures Naaman of Leprosy [obliterated]

Robert Stone – Circus

Joseph Mills – Sacrifice

Paweł Grajnert – Agapé

Peter Maybarduk – Discontents

Katy Scrogin – High-Rise Oracles

Olivia Djawoto – Mallrats

George L Stein – modern american gothic

Lori H. Ersolmaz – A Triptych Filmpoem from Failed State

Del Ramers – Two Photographs

Jerome Berglund – Heretic Pride

Mark Lewis – The Village Beyond the National Forest

Darren Huang – The View from Marigot

Julie Blankenship – Rays

Starostin – Two Songs

Silas Plum – Two Artworks

Angus MacCaull – The Revolution

Ana M. Fores Tamayo – The Train / El tren

Ùltim Cavall – Tres cançons