The Story of Punt Volat

The story of Punt Volat is many stories. It was born out of desire but mostly out of necessity. It is not something that you are supposed to care about or take seriously—according to the dominant global culture. It is a trickster, and its role continues to evolve, shapeshifting, manifesting not as we desire but as it desires. It is a tulpa breaking free.

It started in Barcelona. We wanted to collaborate with our artist friends. We wanted a platform where the kind of work (or play) we might like could manifest. However, it seemed we neither had the time nor the ability to bring a journal into existence.

Then one of us heard Henry Rollins in an interview on a podcast. Here was someone who did what he wanted to do on his terms but out of a desire to make the world into the kind of place in which he wanted to exist. At this point, we realized that there never would be a right time or space to begin.

We began.

The story of Punt Volat is your story. It is a desire for you to bring forth what you wish to exist in this world. It is an opportunity for you to create your own story.

Don’t think outside the box; think beyond it.

Let go of preconceptions. If you change just one molecule in your body, that one eventually will affect all the rest, which in turn will affect what exists beyond your body.

Where is your body? Where does it begin? Where does it end? Who is writing/performing/creating?

The iron in blood comes from supernovas, each breath inhaled can be traced back to ancestral cyanobacteria, and great artwork is like the first remembrance of a memory.

We want you to like the work we publish, but we do not mind if you dislike the work we publish. We want you to be excited when we publish your work, but we also want you to be excited when we reject your work.

So, what’s the flying point? Our punt, exactly.