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Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief / Fiction Editor / Web Designer

Kevin Richard Kaiser (Aw-o-tan Nisgah) publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and music internationally: in print, online, and on disc. A former English adjunct professor at various universities and colleges, they currently make their living as a librarian and teacher. As a freelance writer, they have written for entities such as Valley House Gallery and In Defense of Animals. They also work in film, music, and performance. Born in Orange County, California, they grew up in Cypress and Long Beach, encountering various cultures and artistic forms of expression. After earning their MFA in Fiction from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, they lived in the Dallas area, where they met and “cut blood” with a Blackfoot elder and began practicing traditional ways with the Many Faces People, becoming a sage keeper. Their spirituality is informed by these beliefs, as well as Buddhism and Rasta Livity. They then moved to Barcelona to attend Universitat Pompeu Fabra, from which they hold a PhD in Humanities. During this time, they also founded the film company Ponokomita Productions and have since filmed several dance videos with Companyia Lake Angela. They also produce and mix music under various names, including as ¡hijo soul uno! Their book, An Ethics Beyond: Posthumanist Animal Encounters and Variable Kindness in the Fiction of George Saunders, is the first monograph on the contemporary American author’s fiction and explores how posthumanist ethics and nonhuman animals appear throughout his fiction. The book is available now from Publicacions de la Universitat de València in both digital and print formats. To order the book, read examples of Kevin’s work, or contact them, visit their website. For Punt Volat, they edit fiction and work from Castellano, Català, and English.

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Co-Founder / Poetry Editor

Lake Angela is a poet, translator, and dancer-choreographer from Lake Erie who develops her work at the confluence of verbal language and movement. She holds a PhD in Humanities from The University of Texas at Dallas for her inter-semiotic translations of poetry into dance and has her MFA in Poetry from Chatham University. While at UT-Dallas, she received a grant to research at the archive of the Austrian poet Georg Trakl in Salzburg, whose poetry she translated into a full-length performance. Lake is a medieval mystic and beguine. Her poems and choreography often explore the possibilities in and kinds of darknesses and silences and the expressions of colors, waters, and suffering. Her poetry has been published in such journals as Bombay GinThe PerchLa Piccioletta Barca, and others. Her full-length poetry collection, Organblooms, is available from FutureCycle Press, and her second book, Words for the Dead, is forthcoming in January of 2021. As the founder and choreographer of the international dance troupe Companyia Lake Angela, she has choreographed works for stage, street, and natural settings, including multiple dance videos, such as Esokapi Mystika. Examples of her poetry-dance may be found on her website. For Punt Volat, she edits poetry and work from Deutsch, Català, and English.

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Video Editor / Artist / Web Designer

Jésica Cichero is a visual artist, illustrator, dancer, and creator from Argentina who has made her home in Barcelona. She is the co-creator of Entusiasta Gallery with her husband, artist David Pugliese. She graduated with a degree in graphic design from the Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a child of the late 80’s, music video had an incredible impact on her. She loves theater and movement and considers video a remarkable tool to get close to feelings. Jési has danced all her life, mostly in tango, jazz, and contemporary styles. With Daniela Fernández López she began to traverse the path she sought: movement. These experiences prepared her to meet Lake Angela in Barcelona, the spirit she sought all her life with whom to share and explore movement. Since its founding, Jésica has been an integral part of Companyia Lake Angela, in which she explores the creation of unusual movement in unusual places—in the bellaombra tree, the neighborhoods and streets and playgrounds, dog beach, and the Italian restaurant. With Lake Angela, she explores new ways to meld media, interacting through dance, painting, verbal languages, translation and nonsense translation, and through play as performance. Jési naturally moves like a wave and her attitude is “my tango is your tango.” During their exploration sessions, Jési has created and performed such beautiful work as dance inside the round mouthGorgon Dance, and Espagueti Western. Also, she was one of the many dancers in Ivan Gergolet’s Dancing With Maria, a film homage to dancer María Flux. Try to find her in the crowd! To see examples of her work, visit her website. For Punt Volat, she edits video submissions with great pleasure.

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Visual Art Editor / Artist

David Pablo Pugliese was born on January 20th, 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has presented solo art exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Athens, Madrid, and Barcelona. Currently, he lives in Barcelona and works as an editorial and children’s books illustrator. Since 2002, he has taught drawing and illustration techniques. Together with Jésica Cichero, he is founder of Entusiasta Gallery, a venture where graphic and artistic projects are created with enthusiasm. In 2015, he released his first art toy, “El pirata Milbatallas.” The following year, he was the curator of the exposition “100 caras de Cervantes” organized by the Instituto Quevedo de las Artes del Humor, exhibited in Spain, Athens, and China, with one hundred artists from around the world. In 2018, he received the special jury prize from the international caricature festival “Humour a Gallarte” held in Italy and an honorable mention from the Salón Internacional de Humor Gráfico de Pernambuco in Brazil. In 2019, he won second place at the Concurso Noticartún in Colombia. He is author of the books “Caricaturas” published by CartoonArk and “Entrega Especial” published by Entusiasta Gallery. To order his work or see more examples, visit his website. For Punt Volat, he edits visual art, and his work appears on the cover of the premier issue.