The Spring in Your Step

Song composed and written by Elle León
(“Heart to Hearts”, 2020)
Punto G Label ®

Director: Lucas Fernández
DOP: Albert Murillo
Focus Puller: Xavi G. Selma
Cast: Martina Iglesias, Julia Morrison, Laura Baixauli, Rubén Medina

Vocals, guitar – Elle León
Cello – Inés Sanz
Drums – Ferran Alemany
Piano – Oliver Marcos, Víctor Valiente
Synths – Víctor Valiente
Song recorded in ArcticWave Studio, Barcelona and Infusiones Musicales, El Masnou. Produced and mixed by Víctor Valiente
Mastered by Víctor García, Ultramarinos Mastering
Studio engineers: Jordi Brugués, Jordi C. Corchs

You got it wrong, girl
The spring in your step
Won’t trade it’s tracks on memory lane
For one stolen night,
There’s a movement inside
Going far beyond your name
Wish you could wake up in some other year
What has you saving it up for tomorrow
Haven’t you learned from the plans that shaped you
‘Round this time of year?
See there’s a mighty moonlit show
And as it’s whispering its call for letting go,
From right under your nose
There’s always more where that came from
If it’s as plain as getting over fear,
It’s what you do with your time
When it’s not your moment
Another song before the last one plays you
Out into new frontiers, yeaah!!

Elle León is a singer-songwriter of Irish and Spanish decent who grew up in Kildare, Ireland, and has been based in Barcelona for the past 4 years. Vibrant melodies with playful, imaginative lyrics are what capture her reality in a time of early adulthood in a new place to call home. “The Spring in Your Step” (29th May 2020) is the first single that takes us into the world of the upcoming debut EP “Heart to Hearts”. The project took shape under the tasteful production of Víctor Valiente (Standstill, Mi Capitán, Sidonie), investigating a contemporary sound with a classic elegance.