PV 6: Summer 2022

Emily Rankin – Marfa

Antonietta Bocci – Two Poems

Alex Checkovich – “¡¡¡ÖRB!!! It’s—”

Vivian Underhill – From the whales to the oil fields

David Herman – Animal Crossings

Marcus Ten Low – BBQ

Dermot O’Sullivan – O quintal (The Garden)

Irene Levitt – from Imagination series

Ana Jovanovska – Dreaming Organism

Serge Lecomte – Symbiosis 2

Rafael Rosa – The Hand That Draws Another Hand

Grayson Cabarle – 33 1/3 #111: Light

Jose Varghese – Spaces that are Meant to be Sacred

Scott Bassis – Temple, TX

Joe Baumann – Knockout Stage

Jordan Luz – Da Toilet Seat

Julian Mithra – Three Stories

Jury S. Judge – Three Photographs

Sarah Edmonds – Of Marcus & Immanuel

Kripa Nidhi – The Bridge

Jack Bordnick – from Facing It Together series

Karyna Aslanova – Gene Shades

Dmitry Blizniuk – September the First (translated by Sergey Gerasimov)

Christopher Louvet – Two Poems

Dylan Connell – Lucifer

Heikki Huotari – Two Poems

Sabyasachi Nag – Sisters

Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay – Notes for Eating on the Road

Levi Mericle – Whiskey Deep

Zane Perdue – Études from a Spring Thaw

When Humans Had Wings – Smoke and Mirrors

Maggie Barla – Moon Song

Cover Artist

Emily Rankin was born in Riverside, California and attended university in Texas, where she received a BFA in 2011. Her body of work deals with the tangles of human emotion and understanding, the intuitive messages of dreaming and subconscious exploration. Her work has appeared in such publications as Gasher, Wild Roof Journal, Raw Art Review, Metonym, Meat for Tea, Landlocked, Black Fox, Zoetic Press, Hey I’m Alive Magazine, and Rattle. She is currently based in New Mexico.