PV 6: Summer 2022

We are excited to announce that PV 6: Summer 2022 is now live. This latest flight of Punt Volat is our largest edition yet. We had more submissions than ever, and determining final selections was difficult.

As you enjoy this volume, please keep in mind that we remain an unsponsored, unaffiliated journal with no advertising revenue or outside funding other than the donations we receive from our contributors or submitters. This is not a call for donations but simply a brief announcement to let you know that because we pay for the existence of Punt Volat we are beholden to no one but ourselves and those who entrust us with their work. We started the journal because we knew we could fill a niche by providing a haven for the kinds of work we knew existed but could not easily find a home. While we do not know for how long we will be able to carry on, we want you to know that we bring each volume to life with care and consideration. Whether you are a contributor or a reader/watcher/listener/experiencer of what we publish, we thank you. (And if you do have the means and inclination to donate, please do not hesitate to contact us at puntvolatlit@gmail.com.)

We also are thrilled to announce that Marc Joan—whose “Swiss Watch” won our first Spencer A. Parker Memorial Award for Fiction—has published his book, Hangdog Souls, with Deixis Press. Check out the book trailer.

Finally, we are proud to share that Deborah Kelly‘s reading of Metabolic, a finalist for the first Punt Volat Award for Poetry, was featured on the Words in the Air podcast. Be sure to give it a listen.

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